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pushfusion is a secure, cloud-based dashboard that bridges the gap between the different hardware vendors in your buildings and brings the information you need from their systems together to save money on your compliance reporting and improve your decision making alike.

Facilities data at your fingertips

Are you ready to revolutionise your estate-wide monitoring?

Building overview of pushfusion


Pull data from your Casambi networks and feed your business intelligence reporting

How it works

To get started, simply install a pushfusion gateway on the same network as the devices you want to monitor. It will configure itself and you’re good to go!

pushfusion cloud diagram

Stunning dashboard

pushfusion provides a single secure interface to monitor and maintain your entire estate. The intuitive user interface allows users to quickly get to the information they need, whether that’s emergency, sensors or Casambi devices.

Secure cloud-based solution hosted by Binary Forge, so you don’t need to worry about server administration or maintenance.
Developed for our end users, the interface delivers revolves around reporting by exception to ensure you get to the information you need without delay.
Advanced analytics tools allow for automated analysis of the data, driving management information and fuelling greater cost savings through better decision making.
White Label
Fully customisable user interface supporting localisation and client branding.
Image of pushfusion interface on a desktop showing Casambi devices and a mack book with a pushfusion report.
Image of a map from pushfusion interface showing buildings with compliance issues.
Image of pushfusion interface showing a list of devices in failure.
Image of two mobile devices showing pushfusion app. The one on the left is showing building list and the on the right is showing the same list but on a digital map.

pushfusion mobile app

Guide your field engineers to their faults as they arrive onsite. The pushfusion mobile app makes it easier for your field engineers to maximise their time onsite, ultimately causing less disruption for the client and other building users at the same time.

Get a quick overview of your emergency lighting health. Each installation is represented by an icon, so you can quickly see which installations have compliance issues that need attention.
The pushfusion mobile app can access all the historical data stored in the cloud for your buildings to give greater context to your field engineers when trying to diagnose local faults. Filter the data for the failed tests and events since the last successful test to get the information that’s relevant right now.
Job List
Looking for a tool that can help field engineers stay organized whilst onsite? Job lists help them keep track of their workload and gives them the confidence to move on to the next job when they’re finished.

Where does it work?

No matter the sector, pushfusion can help you streamline your compliance processes. It's the ideal solution for facility managers, building owners and businesses alike.


Keep production lines rolling by taking control of your compliance.


Use the data from your buildings to show your commitment to safer working environments.


Make sure your distribution stays on track by unleashing the power of predictive maintenance.

Social Housing

Have confidence in your regulatory compliance at the click of a button.


Drive customer engagement and trust through building data you can rely on.

Hardware Partners

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Our community of hardware partners is growing all the time. If you’d like to come and join us, get in touch to find out how.

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