Emergency lightingjust got smart

pushfusion is a secure, cloud-based and vendor-agnostic dashboard that can bring information together from devices across your entire estate and present it to you in one place.

One platform

Are you ready to simplify your emergency lighting processes ?

Test Result

Overview of emergency test state for your entire estate in one place


Ability to drill down and view a full and detailed test book history


Filter views to only see buildings with failures

Mapping functions and visualisation

pushfusion’s intuitive map shows each of your emergency installations in one place. Every site is represented by an icon showing the current state, allowing you to quickly and easily identify installations in need of attention. Need some more information? Click on the icon to get a helpful building summary.

Plus, you control what is displayed; only interested in the failures? Then pushfusion will only display those details, it’s all as easy as flicking a switch.

Emergency simplified for your entire estate

Prefer more detail? You can view the summary of the emergency report data as a table. Letting you filter and sort the data by any of the fields allowing to drill into the information you need quickly and with minimum fuss.

Test detail for each building

pushfusion holds the historical test reports for all your buildings in one place. So, in the event you need to query a report from last month or last year, you can access the information from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Computer with test book results for a building

Highly intuitive and user friendly

Are you overlooking your emergency testing responsibilities? Our secure dashboard offers a versatile, intuitive solution that will help meet your legal obligations.

How it works

pushfusion can transform your monthly and annual testing regimes into automated tasks from anywhere in the world

pushfusion UI map

To enable pushfusion at your installation simply deploy one of our secure self configuring gateways along with supported hardware and everything is ready to go!

Hardware Partners

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If you’d like to join our rapidly growing list of hardware partners, get in touch and start the process.

Emergency is just the start

We have big plans for pushfusion and emergency is just the start, we’ll be bringing on new hardware partners and extending the platform to support a much richer ecosystem. Supporting extended reporting and introducing controls.

pushfusion Platform

A single user interface to allow you to securely monitor your emergency installations across your entire estate from anywhere in the world.


Access to all the data from your Tridonic installation presented in the pushfusion user interface.

casambi logo

Query your Casambi installations from a single pushfusion interface.

lumDATA Analytics

Tools to analyse lumDATA and extract additional value. Including support for predictive end of life for units, energy reporting and temperature analysis.

Mobile App

Providing streamlined tools for iOS and Android to empower your maintenance teams to quickly identify and resolve issues when on site.

Air Quality

Support for the collection of air quality data from supported sensors deployed within monitored buildings.

Data can be displayed on the pushfusion user interface giving a rapid overview of the air quality across site.

casambi logo

Control your Casambi installations from a single pushfusion interface.

Analytics Tools (AI)

With a wealth of data at your fingertips it can be difficult to decern what is critical to your installation. Let pushfusion lighten that load through the use of our analytics suite and AI engine.

See how pushfusion can simplifyyour emergency lighting processes.